PHP's DomDocument Cheatsheet

Your one stop quick loading page for a full PHP DomDocument cheatsheet and lots of working examples.

This is a work in progress. Lets call it BETA.

Basic DOM Document example - Get element with an ID

// get your HTML
$html file_get_contents("");

// Create a new dom object
$dom = new domDocument;

// load HTML

// now lets get a tag based on its ID
$contents_div $dom->getElementById("contents");

var_dump($contents_div); // will be false if no #contents element in $html

if ($contents_div) {
$dom->saveHTML($contents_div); // echo its contents


Get all elements based on the type of tag

This lets you get all

tags, or maybe extract all
tags etc..

$i 0;
$num $images->length;
if (
$num>0) {
$img $images->item($i++)) {
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