SiteGround Review - What We Think of Our Web Host

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This website you are seeing is hosted at SiteGround - a popular web company that offers various web hosting solutions.


Do we like SiteGround?

Yes. As web developer we host a number of projects at SiteGround - under shared and cloud hosting packages. But that doesn't mean that this web host is suitable for you. Below we have listed a number of pros and cons; that hopefully can help you to decide if they are right for you.


SiteGround - Advantages

1. Well-known and popular - SiteGround platform hosts millions of websites. SiteGround is one of the three hosting companies officially recommended by WordPress. They are unlikely to disappear or halt their business suddenly. If they were forced to close shop, given the scale of their business, some other hosting companies will jump in and take over.

2. Very stable - Good uptime record. SiteGround is one of the most reliable shared hosting services we've known to date. We rarely get downtime on SiteGround servers - including the shared hosting. Their servers are protected by anti-bot AI system and offers a 99.99% uptime guarantees. This third-party SiteGround review publishes SiteGround hosting uptime record- you can check their server status on realtime basis.

3. Developers friendly - Very easy to run onsite development and deploy from Git. Lots of small details are done right at SiteGround: CMS staging, PHP version control, Git intergration, SSL implementation, back ups and restoration. These features give developers and agencies an easier work flow.

4. Excellent reputation in customer support. It's quite easy to see that SiteGround customers love their web host. Besides affiliates and paid reviews, we found a lot of positive user feedbacks on SiteGround support on Twitter - see them here, here, and here. Also, check out genuine SiteGround user feedback on

5. Server locations in United States, Singapore, and Europe countries. This reduce latency and helps your website loads faster (for users in those countries).


SiteGround - Disadvantages

1. SiteGround is very expensive during renewal! A standard multiple-website shared hosting account costs $5.95 per month during signup (great price!) but it jumps to $19.95 per month during renewal. The price jumps more than 200% and it upsets us. To be honest we wouldn't be having two (or even one) SiteGround accounts if our clients were not paying for it.

2. Not every customers are happy (of course) A number of SiteGround hosting users made some legit complaints on SiteGround at WebHostingTalk. Read them here and here.


SiteGround Hosting Plans

Shared hosting packages

SiteGround shared hosting packages

SiteGround shared hosting package starts at $3.95 per month.


Cloud hosting packages

SiteGround cloud hosting packages

SiteGround cloud hosting package starts at $80.00 per month.



Given the great server performance and cheap signup price, SiteGround is definitely worth trying. But you might want to move away after first term - the expensive price tags is a big turn off to us.

We hope that you find this review helpful.

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